Where is La Colina School located?

The Spanish classes and some of the activities are held at La Colina School, which is located in the Puertosol neighbourhood of Malaga, just over 4 miles from the historic centre and is perfectly situated to connect with buses to and from the centre of Malaga. These depart daily, approximately every 10 minutes.

La Colina School is a private bilingual centre (Spanish and English) that started its academic path in 1990. We have over 25 years of experience and thousands of students have passed through our doors.

The exact address of La Colina School is as follows:


C/ Retama, 7. 29190




What is the ratio of teachers and monitors per student?

Our fundamental objective is the security and care of our students.

Our ratio is:

- 1 teacher to a maximum of 10 students

- 1 monitor for each 13-15 students. 

What are the teachers and monitors of La Colina School like?

Simply the best!

We conduct a rigorous selection process to ensure that our staff is the best so that each and every student’s summer language and cultural experience turns out perfectly. As a staff, we strive to improve consistently.

We love the teaching, the fun, the children and the teenagers that we get to work with.

All of our teachers are native, licensed, have extensive experience in teaching Spanish or English as a second language and are prepared and trained to teach classes that are dynamic, informative and fun. With our method, it is impossible not to get carried away and learn in a completely different way.

Our team of monitors are extremely qualified to enhance the fun element, and to ensure that your child's experience in Malaga is a lifelong memory, by scheduling wonderful activities during their unforgettable adventure.

Our monitors are specialists in free-time and leisure activities, they are prepared to deal with any situation and will take care of your child at all times so that you have peace of mind. 

Can I visit the school before I enrol my child?

Of course! Every Friday, upon request, we organise visits to the school where we carefully explain what our programmes consist of and what our methodology is. We are more than happy to welcome all parents and prospective students who wish to get to know the school before enrolling in La Colina. 

How many students enjoy La Colina School Summer Camp?

 La Colina School has the infrastructure to serve more than 500 students at a time.

Security and exclusivity are two factors that La Colina School is buil on; therefore we only accept a maximum of 70 students to ensure that all students receive the attention that they deserve. 

Will I have access to the Internet from the school?

Yes, we have WIFI throughout the school, and you can use the computers in our computer lab.

Are all of the teachers native speakers of Spanish or English?

Yes, each and every one of our teachers is a native Spanish or native English speaker. They are specialised in teaching Spanish or English as a second language and are licensed.

They have all completed training courses or have higher education in the teaching of Spanish or English as a foreign language.


What programmes does La Colina School offer?

La Colina School offers 2 different programmes:

- English Summer Camp, aimed at not native English speakers

- Spanish Summer Camp, aimed at those who are not native Spanish speakers 

How old are the participants?

- Juniors: 10 to 13 years old 

- Seniors: From 14 to 18 years old

How long are the programmes?

2, 3 and 4 weeks duration.

Additional weeks may be purchased.

What are the starting dates?

Will my child have a tutor? How will I find out about how my child is progressing with the language course as well as his or her participation in activities?

Given our absolute attention to the youngsters who take part in our summer programmes, the students will be guided by our staff in a very friendly way, seeing to their needs regularly.

Every week we will contact parents via Skype to report on their child's progress to discuss any parental concerns.

What will my son or daughter do during the day?

We have a meticulously planned programme to help students get the most out of their experience in Spain.

On any given day, our camp is full of activities that keep our students busy from morning until night, with lots of fun guaranteed too.

On several occasions, the students will be able to choose up to 3 different activities in the same time slot. By doing this we can guarantee that they will always be able to participate in activities they enjoy and have selected. 


I don't know what level of Spanish my child has. What group will they be in?

As a guideline, we encourage your son or daughter to do the level test on our website, click here.

Regardless of the test, on the first day of camp, we complete a Spanish level test to find out in more detail what level of the language your child has and therefore, assign him or her to the most suitable group. This ensures that his or her progress in our programme will be at an optimum.

On the last day, we will perform another test to demonstrate your child's progress in their foreign language, and we also issue them with a certificate attesting to their participation in the programme and their acquired level.

Are study materials included in the course price?

Yes, study materials are included in the course price.

If you change level during the programme, you will need to buy other books that suit the new level of language.

What's the first day of class like?

On your first day of class, you will arrive at La Colina School for 8:30 am.

On arrival, you will receive general orientation information (about the school, the city, etc...). All the students will take a test to assess their oral level of the language and another on their written level so that they are assigned to the most appropriate class. 

Will I get a certificate when the course ends?

If you successfully pass the La Colina School Spanish or English course, you will receive a certificate from the school that certifies the the type of course, the number of hours of study and the level achieved. 

How many levels of Spanish are taught?

There are 6 levels of Spanish: basic, elementary, intermediate, advanced, superior and expert, the highest level. 

How many students are there per class?

The maximum number of students per class is 10.

When are classes scheduled at La Colina School?

Classes are held Monday to Friday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Activities start at 2 pm.


What activities and excursions are included?

 La Colina School's programme includes all activities except sailing, golf, surfing and horseback riding, as well as the trip to Madrid.

What will the students do in their free time?

We have a programme designed so that the students are busy from 9 am until 8 pm.

If a student has plans with his or her host family and therefore can't attend any of the planned activities at school, providing that the host family has communicated this to the school with details of where, what and when, students are of course free to spend their time with host family.   

How do I choose camp activities?

All activities are included in the price, except sailing, golf, surfing and horseback riding.

There are many options to choose from!


What if my son or daughter falls ill?

We recommend that students take out travel insurance with medical, accident, cancellation and civil protection coverage through our school. Safety is paramount. 

You can read more important information about insurance here.

We also have a private doctor available 24 hours a day.

My son or daughter has an allergy or is on a special diet. How do you manage this?

It is mandatory that all students send us the "Illnesses, Allergies and Data to take into Account" form so that we can accommodate them with the right family.

Allergy to cats, dogs, food, etc... should be brought to our attention so that we can look for the perfect solution and avoid any potential problems. 

What will my child eat?

The host families will be in charge of preparing food for our students.

Family accommodation includes full board, 7 days a week. The meals are based on a Mediterranean diet.

On the first day, the host families will ask the students what kinds of food they like and what kinds they do not like in order to adapt as much as possible to the tastes of each student. Students will eat breakfast and dinner with their host families.

A mid-morning snack, lunch and afternoon tea will be held in the school dining hall or in the out-of-school location that we are meeting at that day. Host families will be responsible for preparing a packed lunch for the students.