Letter to parents

We take care of the person; we grow as a group

At La Colina School, before engaging in language teaching, we ourselves were students who studied abroad and we therefore know how important it is for our students to feel at home.

We are an experienced team of teachers, sensitive to the needs of the young people who wish to study a new language outside of their typical home environment and to those who require special attention during such an important time, perhaps as they make their first trip away from home..

Living in a different country from one's own is an experience that marks people forever as they familiarise themselves with a new culture and new people, but this exciting and enriching experience will teach them valuable and useful lifelong lessons.

We know that your child will be leaving home with expectations packed away in their suitcase, but rest assured that they will return home with that suitcase bursting with all that they have learnt, their experiences and their stories, and it is these that will become lasting memories for them. This is why we strive to help our students get the most out of their adventure here in Spain, but also, so that you, the parent, knows that your child will be growing as a person, maturing, and learning. You’ll still worry about them, but there is no need to.

On their return home, your son or daughter will seem more mature, show more self-confidence and will wish to keep on learning more about the world.

Many of our students who have taken part in our summer camps and created these experiences and memories end up devoting their lives to work of an international nature, and they create such strong bonds with their new friends that they will meet up again and undertake projects together in the future. The decision to complete one of our programmes will impact your child lifelong.

We have designed a complete programme of personalised classes and activities that are differentiated and consequently suitable for each student according to individual interests and needs, as well as ensuring motivation to make sure that learning and fun go hand in hand.

At La Colina School, we care about the learning and wellbeing of our students. Our students are always under our supervision and monitoring as if they were part of our own family because that is how we feel about them – they are family.