Language Immersion Programmes in Spain

A Unique Experience for a Promising Future

At La Colina School, we know that living in other parts of the world and getting to know other nationalities and cultures is vital for personal growth and maturity. Even more so if we're speaking about young people taking part, as they have a world to explore and a life to live.

Our method is based on a combination of learning and enjoyment. Thanks to our language immersion programmes, the youngsters taking part will learn Spanish or English while they enjoy themselves by way of excursions through the Costa del Sol, Andalucia, and Malaga to name just a few, with the best activities, sporting opportunities, workshops, and above all, fun, built in.

Professionalism, quality and experience make our services some of the most fulfilling in the market.

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Experience is our foundation. We have tried and tested a programme that is not only full of opportunities of all kinds for those taking part, but one that is also financially competitive, with three times the activities for a much better price.

Spanish course (four 50 minute classes per day, Monday to Friday)

WEEKLY excursions through the region ofAndalucia (including Seville, Granada, Cordoba and Tarifa)

WEEKLY excursions through the Costa del Sol (including Marbella, Nerja and Mijas)

Leisure and cultural activities in and around Malaga

Workshops and sporting activities included in the price

Travel to Madrid for three days (optional)
And much more!

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