Travelling makes us freer

We travel because we have a natural curiosity to explore the unknownbecause we know that the world is much bigger than what meets the eye… and when we travel the world, we will always have a few good stories to tell on our return home.

Travel makes us wiser, the library and studying are just as important as the travel, so don't hesitate to hit the road! 

Travel can open your eyes... it doesn't matter if you cross an ocean or only manage to get to the next town; travel as much as you can because no two trips will ever be the same.

And even though you've taken the same road a thousand times, you will always find something new about that same trip, whether it be the colour of the sky or the new people you meet. The you who takes those first steps won't be the same person who arrives at your destination!

Travel because it's nearly always the things that happen along the journey, not necessarily the destination itself that matter, the adventures that take place while you're travelling with La Colina School.